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What Is Responsive Web Design?

Having a responsive website is vital for all businesses. Many people now access the internet from their mobiles and tablets rather than only using personal computers and laptops, and your business could be very much losing customers if your website isn’t up to scratch and looks flawless on all devices. 

Responsive Web Design means that your website is optimised to the device it is being viewed on. This means that no matter what platform, console or browser, your website understands the requirements along with the capabilities of the device.

If a potential customer opens your website on a mobile, for e.g., your website will optimise itself to fit to the size of the screen and buttons become bigger which makes it easier to access. In addition, the amount of scrolling, panning and re-sizing should will go down, as these all become more difficult for users who are viewing on a device with a smaller screen.

How Do We Make Your Website Responsive?

Here at Alpha Web Design Hull we take as much time as necessary to understand you and what your business stands for, and the audience which will be visiting your website. If your target audience is viewing your website on mobile phone, then we start there. We would then focus on making sure the website runs good on a mobile phone screen to design your website initially, before moving the design onto the normal size screens. This way the design has been built with mobile users in mind from the very beginning of the project.

We will always test all of the websites we build, across a wide range of devices, to ensure that they always look their correct and work well no matter what they are viewed on. You never get a second chance at a first impression – so we get it right first time.

Importance Of Responsive Design

A website that isn’t mobile responsive is like hiring a dodgy bricklayer to build a house for you and them not lining up the bricks correctly, it will fail in the long run, It is absolutely vital to make sure that your new website will is responsive and most importantly runs correctly on mobile devices, this will then give your business the best chance to be found on the search engines.

In the past we have seen a large increase in the Google rankings just by making our customers website responsive on all devices, that could mean the difference between staying in business or going bankrupt because customers cannot see your website correctly.

Some of our competitors build websites that are not responsive on all devices or they give you an option whether to pay extra for your new website to be mobile responsive, all websites should come responsive, it should not be an extra cost.

WordPress Platform

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems as around 24% of websites worldwide use them. Apart from WordPress, there are several other digital publishing platforms, but there are several features that make WordPress one of the best. Web design is a vital element to improve a webpage and help businesses grow. 

We offer some of the best web design services to customers looking forward to revamping their websites. WordPress is a highly intuitive and straightforward CMS platform making it one of the most appreciated of all.

One of the most significant advantages of using WordPress for web design is that it is easy to learn, use and update. The learning curve in WordPress is very short, and the entire system is easy to update. What is exciting about WordPress is that anyone in the workplace can update it. There is no need to submit all the website changes to an IT department or outsourced developer as it can be done by simply logging in and updating immediately.

All of our websites are affordable and business friendly. Your site will work on all platforms, devices including mobile phones and tablets.

Digital Marketing allows truly customised marketing, the main advantage is that a targeted audience can be reached in a low cost way. 

Search Engine Optimisation, or better known as SEO, is the most popular term used to describe the strategy of increasing the number of clicks your website receives.

Google AdWords gives you access to a much wider audience. Whatever platform you advertise on, you can put your advert in front of the correct audience.

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